Creative Writing

Over the years I have used poetry and creative writing for both pleasure and therapy. Now, with a good deal of encouragement, I have decided maybe it is time for some of my poems & creative writing to see the light of day.

After all, what good is the ability to write through experience if the perspective from those experiences can’t be of benefit to someone else through shared understanding or the sparking of conversation.

I had just imagined this form of writing would surface well after I departed this life, or be set on fire by which ever family member stumbled upon them first. (jks)

Part journaling exercise as I rummage through the pages of writing, these are the poems and creative writing I am prepared to share. There are still those I think leave for when I’m gone!

I have no formal training, I write just as I speak, with my heart on my sleeve, simply for my own pleasure and emotional release, occasionally as a gift for family and friends. Mostly in rhyme as that is how the words seem to flow.

So, pour yourself a cuppa or a glass of whatever, sit back and I hope you’ll find something you can relate to or simply enjoy!

All poems and creative writing can be found together in a single collection under the category Poetry & Creative Writing.